Performance Supplements

Kratomax for Physical Performance

Physical Performance

  Work can be tiring, painful, and monotonous.  In the past If I were having an especially tough day on the job, and I needed something to push through, I would use one of our single-ingredient supplements to get through the day.  In particular, Kratomax would be my go to for this purpose.




Fenimax for Sexual Performance

Sexual and Date/Interview Performance

At certain times in my life, I've felt like I've come to a crossroads.  Insecurity, doubt, and fear have held me back from reaching my true potential.  We all have anxiety to some degree in some situations.  In situations like that, I have turned to Fenimax to reduce my social anxiety to a distant muffled thing in the back of my mind, forgotten until the next day.




  Hydramax for Mental Performance

Mental Performance

For me, staying determined and steadfast in the face of adversity has been a challange.  At times, it would have been impossible to accomplish the goals I had set out for the day without intervention.  In these sorts of cases, I like to use Hydramax, our single-ingredient focus and drive supplement.



Adrinamax for Energy and Fat Burning

Energy/Fat Loss

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