Exploring the effect of phenylpiracetam hydrazide on chess performance.

This blog will follow my month long journey running phenylpiracetam hydrazide and documenting the results.

I will try and log anything noticeable in terms of mood change, sleep, "feeling" and so on.

In an attempt to create a non-biased point of comparison, I will be playing 3 chess games per day with a time control of 5/0.  I will track my rating along the way, as well as compiling all relevant data at the end of the month.

Although I played a bit a kid, It has been many years since I have actively studied chess until the last two years or so.  And, despite having been studying diligently (if sparingly) I seem to have hit a brick wall in terms of mental capacity.  In particular, my ability to focus and pay attention seems to be eroding with age. 


My current rating at blitz is 855, down from around 1000 where it typically is and has been for the last 20 years.  Although I have attempted to improve at the game, chess has not been something that I have a natural aptitude for.


I am aware that this experiment is slightly unethical in term of sporting fairness.  I am not the sort of person to cheat, or make unethical decisions.  In this case, I feel like no serious harm is being done, since I will assuredly lose back any rating points that I may gain during the experiment (unless I don't, which would be an even more impressive result).

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