First Update Running Hydramax

My Chess rating has not improved.  I have been playing well the last two weeks.  Today, I decided to take a day off of Hydramax (phenylpiracetam hydrazide) in order to potentially recharge enzymatic processes in the brain, and I am about to dive back in tomorrow.  Anecdotally it can take two weeks for similar compounds to show actual cognitive improvement. 

What I have noticed is an increase in motivation and drive.  I would not compare this feeling to an upper like adderral as it does not significantly seem to increase heart rate, or provide much in the way of a dopaminergic "high."  What it does do, however, is seem to provide a sort of motivation to get shit done.  This is is consistent with reports of other racetams and is the intended effect of using nootropics for many people my self included. 

An increase in cognition has not been proven in healthy individuals.  The studies done with phenylpiracetam are few, and are all animal models.  In addition to this, increases in cognition were reported in individuals with cognitive impairment.  The profound results were in animals, and showed an increase in motivation in a dose dependent manner well above that of amphetamine or placebo. (1)

The two week mark is coming up, and I am interested to see any sings of potential cognitive improvement.  With that said, I don't expect my Chess rating to go up much.  My attention span is better, and I am able to focus for hours on a specific task, but focus all you want, you won't get that much better without study and practice, something I don't have a lot of time for. 




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James Gerbasi

Wow! You have done your homework, keep us posted interested in seeing where this goes. I could definitely use some drive and focus!

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